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New Jersey Report Card Changes for West Milford Schools from 2013 to 2014

The New Jersey Department of Education issues annual performance reports commonly referred to as "Report Cards" for all schools within its domain. The purpose of the reports is to inform parents, educators, and students about how well each school is performing. NJDOE Portal

Our state separates schools into 8 roughly similar "Peer Groups" so that parents, citizens, and educators can make meaningful comparisons. Comparing West Milford's schools to districts outside of our peer group like Camden or Newark would not reveal much about how we are doing or what we need to improve. Percentile Rank (%) is a measure used to compare schools with each other. A percentile rank of 50% means that half of the schools in the group did worse, and half of the schools did better. A percentile rank of 90% means that the school performed better athan 90% of the schools in the group. A percentile rank less than 50% means that the school is in the bottom half of the group.

West Milford can do much better at Academic Achievement! New report cards are due from the State soon based upon results from the PARCC tests, and one can only hope that West Milford is doing better.

NJ Report Cards Summary

NJ Report Cards - full reports

WMTPS ratings

Great Schools Ratings is a widely used website for real estate professionals and homebuyers to analyze the quality of local schools where buyers might be considering the purchase of a home.

Great Schools rates schools on a scale of 1 to 10. For comparison, Jefferson High School is rated 7. Kinnelon High School is rated 9. And Ridgewood High School receives a rating of 10 out of 10.

Ratings always reward some things and punish others. One can always argue about whether the right factors have been considered and whether the ratings are relevant to a particular family or student. But one cannot argue about the fact that these ratings and report cards are seen by outsiders who will use them to judge the quality of our schools. And they will use them when making decisions about where to purchase a home - affecting YOUR property value.